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Ahola peoples and Howdy
this is a site dedicated to Hiei and Kurama. The bad tempered little demon and the sexy sexy fox. not that Hiei's not sexy mind you cause he is. In this site Kirai and myself( Link) will be popping up to say howdy and tell you stuff you need to know. well that's all we needed to say for the time being. see ya
Things you peeps should know about our site
here are some things you should know. First of all we (as in Kirai and me) DON'T own anything sept what is ours by right. By this i mean we do not own Yu Yu hakusho or Hiei and Kurama. This site is purly for your enjoyment NOT for profit. so any ways that's about all unless Kirai has something to add.

Yes in fact I do! Thanx!! ..................I hope you all have a good time at our sitey! I just wanted to quickly cover the fact that Hiei and Link are married.....I have proof so don't test me....and....myself and Kurama are also married.....I have proof thier hah!!

Please don't test her she's a bit crazy and might kill you! so yeah that's all later

........Yeah.....what she said........Would the boys like to say anything today??? *turns to Hiei & Kurama*

...... Howdy this is Hiei..... wow Link whad you put in this drink? I feel sooooo happpy........

Um Hiei cant talk right now lets go to Kurama..............

Ok well I'm glad that Kirai doesn't drug um thank you Kirai....and just to make those fan girls happy out thier......I say hi.......

I DID NOT DRUG HIM DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!! He asked what was in the bottle labeled 'Vodka' i just let him drink the whole bottle sorry i didn't think he'd be such a light weight

.......well I think thats enough for now..*ducks as flying hampsters come forth and attack everyone*......BYE!

link's Random note

Well Howdy there folks it's Link here, I just wanted to let ya'll know that..... I've got the munchies.......... well now that I've said that....... lalalalala wow... have fun amousing your stalker selves..........

     Today is April the 11th and I am updating this site once more, if you have any questions please e-mail me and as the subject put. The Red Abyss Dragon, so that I don't delete  it without reading it first. Thank you very much =)

Stuff that usually doesn't matter but i'll make you read it by saying that it does.
Well hello thier this is Kirai......wassup? for me its the ceiling......yup the cieling......i really have nothing much to say for ill be back entertain yourselves however you creepy strange people like to.

Link here of course
Yes well next to this writing is a sexy pic of Hiei, my sexy fire demon.... yes MINE....... so back of or i'll kill you

Lalalala Hiei's so sexy lalalalala
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